300ZX (Z31) VG30/VG33 Top Mount turbo Manifold

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Eucadian Performance is proud to introduce our Top Mount Turbo manifolds for the VG30/33!

Constructed from 304 Stainless Steel, our turbo manifolds are engineered to withstand extreme conditions while efficiently managing heat. The combination of 304 Stainless Steel runners and Mild Steel turbo and exhaust flanges strikes the perfect balance between affordability and durability.

What sets our turbo manifolds apart from others is our versatile design. Our turbo manifolds are equipped with exhaust flanges that accommodate both the VG30 M8x1.25 exhaust studs and the larger M10x1.25 exhaust studs found on the VG33. The manifold also features a T3/T4 combined turbo flange enabling you to future-proof your vehicle's performance. Whether you start with a T3-sized turbo or have plans to upgrade to a larger T4 turbo down the road, our manifolds are ready to adapt and evolve with your aspirations.

Our top-mount turbo manifold relocates the turbo to the A/C compressor location, providing ample space for larger frame turbochargers that may not fit within the constraints of the stock turbo location. This feature is especially advantageous for factory non-turbo Z31 owners who wish to turbocharge their VG30/VG33 without the need to install a cross-member from a factory-turbocharged Z31.

Key Features:

  • 304 Stainless Steel runners ensure optimal heat management, leading to improved performance and reliability.
  • T3/T4 combined turbo flange threaded for M10x1.25 Studs / Bolts
  • 44mm wastegate flange

Included With Purchase:

  • 4x – M10x1.25 exhaust studs
  • 1x – T3/T4 exhaust gasket 

Please note that fitment confirmation applies exclusively to Z31 vehicles. While our turbo manifolds are compatible with factory VG30 or VG33 engines, we cannot guarantee compatibility with other vehicle models.