300ZX (Z31) "AntEater" Front Entry Plenum (VG30/VG33)

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Eucadian Performance is proud to present the "AntEater" front entry intake plenum for the Z31 platform! Constructed from 6061 aluminum, our intake utilizes a similar intake runner length found on the factory VG30e and VG30e(t) intake plenum, ensuring compatibility with both factory and aftermarket fuel rails.

While this plenum significantly enhances performance in the mid-high RPM range, its standout feature is the forward placement of the throttle body, as opposed to the rear. This strategic design offers several benefits:

  • Seamless intercooler pipe routing without interference from the AC compressor or distributor
  • Improves accessibility for engine maintenance
  • Creates additional space at the rear of the engine

Key Features:

  • Increased plenum volume calculated at 2.75L 
  • Raised Internal Velocity Stacks 
  • Rear Vacuum block with 1x 1/4" NPT and 4x 1/8" NPT ports for convenient connections
  • M6x1.0 Rear grounding point
  • Q45 Throttle Body flange ported to 85mm
  • Z31 Throttle Body adapter flange ported to 70mm

To cater to various needs, our AntEater intake plenum is equipped with a Q45 sized throttle body flange which allows for the use of various-sized throttle bodies by using an adapter. 

Rest assured, each plenum undergoes a rigorous 100PSI test before shipping, and we back our quality with a limited lifetime warranty. Please read our warranty for more information. 

Included with purchase:

  • 5x - M8x1.25 Studs and Nuts
  • 4x - M8x1.25 Bolts
  • 3x - M6x1.0 bolt and washer
  • 1x - Z31 to Q45 Throttle Body Adapter
  • 1x - Stud height tool
  • 1x - Throttle Body Bracket

Note: Fitment confirmation is only applicable to Z31 vehicles. We can not guarantee the fitment to any other vehicle - even if it is equipped with a factory VG30 or VG33 engine. Our current design will not fit with A/C components installed.

NOTE: The Z31 throttle body MUST have the 90-degree elbow of the coolant pipe removed in order to fit this plenum. Simply cut the elbow off with a grinder or any other metal cutting tool. If your Z31 throttle body is equipped with a damper then that must also be removed. The damper is secured to the throttle body with 2 screws, so removal is simple.